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Looking  for affordable promotional items for your marketing event? Promotional pens with imprinted logo is one of the effective promotional item to be purchased as corporate gifts for business branding purpose. We are Malaysia trusted pen supplier and stockist with wholesale price.  We carry vast selection of pen design, style and colours ranging from budget plastic pen and exclusive branded metal pen.

We are able to imprint logo on  the promotional pens with pad printing, heat transfer and UV print at minimal cost. When your company’s name, logo and website address are  printed on the pens, the receivers of the pen will remember your business fondly. Custom printed pens are always an inexpensive marketing item to spread your company message around.

We understand that the most important  part of a pen is the ink and we are committed in using quality refill inks for all of our promotional pen listed in our website. Moreover, we are able to supply different type of ink including ballpoint pen, gel in pen, roller ballpen and fountain pen cater for different categories.

On top of the common plastic pen and metal pen, we do supply mechanical pencil, eco friendly pens, wooden pens,  pen set and other stationery such as highlighter pen. Please contact us by email or photo at 03-80703828. You may also download soft copy of the catalogue here.

Why Personalized Pen will work for your business?

promotional pen for business

Without a doubt, a personalized pen is one of the most highly effective means for advertising your business. Being used every day, they can be considered the perfect promotional messengers for your company. In order to achieve success in the business world, it is crucial to choose the right kind of promotional strategy. If you favour spreading an awareness of your company with the help of branded goods, it is wise to give your priority to frequently used ones. In this case spreading these customized items will guarantee a familiarity with your organization, as the recipients then become the actual distributors of your logo, motto, contacts or message.

 A personalized pen will be an item in daily use; moreover, it will be carried to different places, shared with friends, relatives and colleagues, lent to visitors to fill out forms, borrowed to write down some contact information etc. The advantages of the pens are obvious in comparison with other items of limited functionality, such as souvenirs, decorative things, calendars, mugs and so on. They would limit your logo promotion to the space between the walls of your office, but with a pen you will get a viable, effective and perfect advertisement unlimited in terms of space. Really, a pen as a branded tool can be hardly compared with any other item when it comes to spreading the word. Also, a personalized pen is suitable for any target group, regardless the age, social status and professional qualification of the person.

 Everybody will appreciate getting a pen as a promotional gift, that is why so many successful companies still persist in using pens as promotional instruments. Pens can be given to the customers, potential clients, partners, employees, visitors and random people on the streets. High-profile managers, office clerks, students, engineers, designers, chairmen of big organisations – everybody uses pens in everyday life, these small and comfortable writing devices are equally needed by all. Thus, people of different professional specifications and holders of different positions should be given different types of pens. Fortunately, with the variety of styles, materials and colors available on the market it is not difficult to choose the right kind of pens for your promotional purposes.

 A personalized pen can be a budget plastic pen , exclusive metal pen or environmental friendly wooden pen, originally or traditionally designed, stylish, practical or fun – everything depends on the recipient and the event it was given for. Seasonal gifts, birthday presents, rewarding or encouraging gifts, simple giveaways at all sorts of exhibitions, presentations, seminars, training courses and trade fairs – the events are countless, and all of them are suitable for giving out a pen. Your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness, your potential clients will consider the possibility of becoming actual clients, and partners will be encouraged to maintain reliable and strong business connections with your company. Moreover, promotional pens have one more undoubted advantage – their low cost. The simplest and cheapest pen can be turns into a rewarding advertising item, and it is affordable no matter how limited your budget can possibly be. Marketing with a personalized pen is more cost-effective and yet practically effective than with number of other promotional goods.

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What are The Differences Between Ballpoint Pen, Roller Ballpen and Fountain Pen?

There are some differences between various pens such as ballpoint, fountain pens and roller ball pens.

These pens may vary in the ink they use and writing mechanisms.

Comparing Roller Ball Pens, Ball Point Pens and Fountain Pens

• Roller ball pens utilize mechanisms for ball point for writing and liquid which is based on water. Gelled ink is also used instead of viscous inks based on oil found in ball point pens.

• These inks which are not very viscous sink deeper into paper and in a wider area than other kinds of ink, giving roller ball pens a unique writing. The point for writing is a tiny ball which normally has a diameter of 0.5 or 0.7 mm. This ball moves the ink from the reservoir to the paper with the pen’s movement.

• Compared to ball point pens, roller ball pens do not require a lot of pressure to enable the pen to write neatly. This enables the pen to be held with minimum stress on the hand which saves energy and enhances comfort. This in turn leads to faster speeds in writing particularly for pens which use liquid ink.

• The inks normally have a wider variety of colors because of the larger choice of appropriate dyes which are soluble in water or the utilization of pigments. They normally write more concisely than ball point pens.

• A fountain pen has a nib which consists of a reservoir inside which has ink which is based on water. By using gravity, the pen takes up ink from the reservoir via a feed going to the nib which is then deposited on paper.

• The reservoir can be filled with ink manually using a syringe or Pasteur pipette or through a mechanism inside which builds suction. An example is via a piston mechanism which takes the ink directly to the reservoir via the nib.

• Some pens have reservoirs which can be removed like ink cartridges which are pre-filled. A lot of pressure is not required to be placed on the nib for writing.

You may refer this page for further understanding of the construction parts of a typical pen.

Writing Mechanisms for Ball point and Roller Ball Pens

• The mechanisms for writing for ball point and roller ball pens are similar although there are some differences.

• A ball point pen utilizes thick ink which is oil based while liquid ink is used on the roller ball pen. This important difference enables the roller ball pen to have a smoother feel and more liquid.

• This adds more fluidity in its action, when compared with a fountain pen. This fluidity gives the roller ball pen a thinner writing line. However, the ballpoint pen has a more restrained action which lasts for long.

• A roller ball pen can cause some bleeding on the paper’s back, which may be little or a lot. This depends on the paper’s quality where the writing is being done.

• The ink in a ball point pen which is oil based, is brought to the tip when the tungsten carbide rolls when being used. This ink dries almost instantly after it encounters paper.

• The ballpoint has become more popular than the fountain pen as it is affordable, reliable and does not require maintenance when being used each day to write.