Metal Pens

Budget plastic pens maybe an inexpensive promotional tactic, but when it comes to making a mark and marketing your business in style, you need quality. We offer you the best collection of high quality metal pens with your personalized logo printed on them. our promotional metal pens with printed logo are just great for your company’s promotional event or marketing strategy. Give away our high quality metal pens with your personalized logo to your associates, clients and customers and make them remember your name always. We stock up on high quality and affordable promotional metal pens with personalized logo, available at wholesale prices.

colourful metal pen MP5699-R


Model: Metal Pen MP5699-R

Available Colours:   Green. Yellow, Blue, Red, Black



Metal Pen MP100


Model: Metal Pen MP100

Available Colours:   Silver and Black



quality metal pen MP101


Model: Metal Pen MP101

Available Colours:   Silver and Black



metal pen MP103-R


Model: Metal Pen MP103-R

Available Colours:   Silver and Gold



metal pen Mp102-B


Model: Metal Pen MP102-B

Available Colours:   Black