Multifunction pen

Multifunction pens are popular corporate gifts as it combines the pen with others useful features to make a handy gadget for receivers. We have plenty of designs of multi functional pens with wholesale price.

plastic pen with lanyardModel: Multifunction Pen Y5398-C

Colours: Pink, White, Blue, Green, Black

Remarks: With Lanyard + 3 in 1 Blue, Red, Black ink


3 in 1 ballpen Y5398Model: Multifunction Pen Y5398

Colours: White, Pink, Black, Green, Blue

Remarks: Red, Blue, Black ink in one pen


2 in 1 ballpen Y5494Model: Multifunction Pen Y5494

Colours: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black

Remarks: With Lanyard + 2 in 1 Blue and red ink


plastic pen with torchlightModel: Multifunction Pen Y1989

Colours: Yellow/Black

Remarks: With LED light



plastic pen with stylus


Model: Multifunction Pen Y5090

Colours: Blue, Black, Silver, Red, Purple, Green

Remarks: Pen With Stylus Function