Pen Sets

We do able to offer personalized printing for pen in a set package. Pen set is a great corporate gift as it looks presentable in a packaging. We are your trust pen set supplier with wholesale price. Contact us now for inquiry.

2 in 1 ballpen set YA4965


Model: Pen Set YA4965-T

Colours: Brown


pen gifts set Y5864-T


Model: Pen Set Y5864-T

Colours: Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black


ball pen set Y5989-T


Model: Pen Set Y5989-T

Colours: Orange, Blue, Red, Silver, Black, Purple



plastic pen set Y1017-T


Model: Pen Set Y1017-T

Colours: Blue and Black


plastic pen set Y5662-T


Model: Pen Set Y5662-T(A)

Colours: Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Black



plastic pet set Y4711-T


Model: Pen Set Y4711-T

Colours: Black, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue


stationery pen set Y1733


Model: Pen Set Y1733

Colours: Red, Black, Blue



pen set with pencil Y1722Model: Pen Set Y1722

Colours: Black and White




Pen set with sticky note Y2722Model: Pen Set with Sticky Note Y2722

Colours: Blue and Red