A pencil makes for a useful and ordinary use tool that everyone has a need for. However, while you cannot just gift someone a pencil, you can most definitely make it a special item by having us custom imprint pencils for you with your own message or text. This immediately transforms an everyday object into a special and thoughtful gift. Apart from gifts, a personalized pencil also makes for easy advertising (anyone who sees you using a pencil with your name tag will inquire about it or at least notice it), promotion giveaways or hand outs, or complimentary accessories to send with parcels.

pencil P2597


Model: Pencil P2597

Available Colours:   Red and Black




mechanical pencil YA4967


Model: Mechanical Pencil YA4967

Available Colours:   Black, red, orange and blue


Pencil Y4713


Model: Mechanical Pencil Y4713

Available Colours:   Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Black and Red