Plastic Pens

Do you have a marketing event coming up soon? Are you in need of promotional stationary? Well if yes, then we’ve got just the right thing for you. You can find the best promotional plastic pens with your personalized logo at Pen Supplier Malaysia. You can find the best plastic pens with personalized logo here at the most affordable of prices. Your personalized logo is printed on the promotional pens using heat transfer, pad printing and also UV print at the most affordable of costs. You can find the best range of budget plastic pens with us and purchase promotional pens at wholesale prices here.

Plastic Pen (Y5686)

Model: Plastic Pen Y5686

Colours: Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Red

Remarks: Available in Ballpen(Y5686) and Gel ink pen(Y5688)

Plastic pen Y5633

Model: Plastic Pen Y5633

Colours: Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow

Remarks: Available in Ballpen(Y5633) and Gel ink pen(Y5634-G)

Plastic Pen Y5864

Model: Plastic Pen Y5864

Colours: Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, Black

Remarks: Available in Ballpen(Y5684), Gel ink pen(Y5865-G), Mechanical Pencil(Y5866)

Plastic Pen Y5327-IIModel: Plastic Pen Y5327-II

Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue

Remarks: Available in Ballpen(Y5327-II), Gel ink pen(Y5328-II)


Model: Plastic Pen Y3602-G

Colours: Red, Blue, Black

Remarks: Gel Ink Pen